I have long thought about my work as an exploration of emotional landscape.  What I have come to know is that it is an exploration of coming home. 

Working with organic materials, I am unraveling layers of time and consciousness. My hope is to touch those places within each of us which hold our deepest memories, known to us only through our bodies.  The work reflects my interest in who we are within a larger natural world, and how the generative power of nature becomes a source of our creativity when sparked by our own inner fire.

The materials I use are chosen intentionally for their inherent qualities and for their symbolism.  Part of the power and beauty of the work is in its transitory essence, the anticipation of its eventual disintegration.  Each piece holds within its materiality the shared journey of all life:  the seeds of birth, death and regeneration.  The work, then, becomes both a metaphor for life and an intersection into our own path.  Its energy lies in its rawness and ultimate impermanence.



Cindy Cleary is an artist practicing in the San Francisco Bay Area. The collaborative nature of her art practices grew out of her MFA work in the Department of Arts and Consciousness at JFK University, Berkeley, CA.  She has continued to develop her studio work through her association with The Lucid Arts Foundation in Inverness, CA.

Cindy's work has been shown at Gallery Route One (Point Reyes Station), Sonoma County Museum (Santa Rosa), The Lab (San Francisco), Southern Exposure (San Francisco), SOMARTS (San Francisco), Other Side Arts (Denver), Sebastopol Center for the Arts, Los Medanos Gallery (Pittsburg, CA), Institute of Noetic Science (Petaluma), and O’Hanlon Gallery, Mill Valley.

A complete resume is available upon request.

Cindy Cleary
P.O. Box 900
Occidental, CA  95465